What to Expect

Below are some helpful tips to prepare you in advance for what to expect during a remodel or renovation.

Cover up!

It’s a good idea to temporarily relocate any furniture that might be in the way and/or to cover any furniture that can’t be moved with plastic, tarps, or old sheeting to prevent any dust accumulation and/or possible damage.

Prepare meals ahead

If you are renovating or remodeling a kitchen, it is likely you won’t have access to your stove or oven for a few days, or perhaps longer depending on the renovation and its progress. It is a good idea to prepare and freeze meals ahead of time, so you can easily warm up meals in a microwave and enjoy. Dining out or ordering in are also options.

Be flexible

Renovation and new construction projects are very exciting; however, the journey to get from point A to point B can sometimes have its challenging moments. Just like everything else in life, there can be hiccups along the way that can create delays or give way to a slight change in original plans.

Rest assured, our dealers are highly experienced in renovations and in both mitigating and overcoming any hiccups, if and when the need arises. They are also more than capable of helping you navigate any issues to ensure a process that is as smooth as possible to achieve an end result you’ll be happy with.