About Urban Effects

Who We Are

Home has a special and personal meaning that is unique to everyone. At Urban Effects Cabinetry, we want to help you celebrate home while adding function and beauty to improve how you use the space in which you live.

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long, busy day to a place that you love – your sanctuary. 

Urban Effects Cabinetry manufactures and sells semi-custom, full-access cabinetry to residential home owners and home builders. What is full-access cabinetry? Full-access is frameless cabinetry where the doors and drawers cover the cabinet completely without leaving a framed border or edge around the cabinet, giving the cabinet a more modern look and maximizing storage space.

Browse our site to learn more about Urban Effects Cabinetry and our products. Let us help you make a beautiful space to call home.


For the same reasons why quality is important to you, as a consumer, are the same reasons why building a quality product is important to us.

A new kitchen is a significant investment. More than anyone, we understand all the dreaming, idea gathering, planning, and saving that goes into a new kitchen or cabinetry project. When your project is complete, you want and deserve to be WOWED by the results! (We want that too!) At Urban Effects Cabinetry, we understand the importance of quality and continuously strive to deliver on those results.

Fashion & Function Fundamentals

Enjoy the convenience of function and showcase impeccable fashion at the same time. Urban Effects Cabinetry is designed to have flexible options to suit both your lifestyle and personal taste in whatever beautiful forms that may come in.  

Our product line offers a wide selection of standard colors to choose from, including paints, stains, hand brushed finishes, and glazes. Our door styles also span modern, transitional, and traditional styles with slab doors, shaker doors, wide rail shaker doors, and raised panel doors. 

Adding storage and organization to your kitchen improves function, efficiency, and contains the clutter, while giving everything a proper home.

Canadian Made

Urban Effects Cabinetry is proudly made in Canada, in the Heart of the Continent – Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our cabinets are sold through a well-established dealer network throughout the United States and across Canada.

Custom Cabinetry

Urban Effects is a semi-custom line of cabinetry – meaning that we can customize measurements and build cabinetry to select specifications beyond our standard product offering.

If you have a unique idea in mind to achieve a completely custom look, we can help!

Simply share your vision with the designer you are working with, and they will create a drawing on your behalf. Upon review from our engineers, a quote will be prepared for you free of charge.

The Magic of Color!

Walk into any room that has a burst of color and it can instantly bring excitement, a sense of calm, or take you to a happy place. Integrating color can completely change the look and feel of any room or space, and adding color doesn’t have to be a big commitment. Even a pop of color can make a big impact! Be as daring or as conservative as you want. That’s why we are so excited about our Custom Color Program! With Urban Effects Cabinetry, you have the ability to order your cabinetry in any color you desire. Simply find a paint swatch of your choice and provide us with the paint name, paint manufacture name, and paint color code and we’ll match it! Embrace your personality and bring a customized, personalized, and completely unique look to your home.


Just like you, we care about the environment too. We offer sustainable choices in our material product offering including Echo Wood and Bamboo. 

Echo Wood mimics the textured look of real wood and is available in White Oak, Maple, Wenge, Cherry, and Shale Rock.

Echo Wood wood fiber comes from forests that are well managed, plantation-grown, and Forest Stewardship Council Certified. Echo Wood is a beautiful and practical alternative to achieving the look of the most expensive and rare woods, preserving them for future generations. Echo Wood is free of defects and consistent in color and grain time and time again. 

Bamboo also creates a unique textured look that pairs well with whites, soft colors, and even black! Bamboo is a grass and, just like your lawn, as soon as Bamboo is cut, is starts to grown back. Harvesting Bamboo to make cabinets does not injure the surrounding environment, and bamboo’s extensive root system holds soil in place. 

Our Highland and Highland Horizontal door styles are available in Echo Wood and Bamboo.